Outsourcing & Automation

“Despite the increasing offshoring trend, many executives believe it is only a short term cost-cutting strategy. Eventually the cost of doing business in an offshore hub will increase to where the difference is no longer significant. In the competitive world labor market, the advantage will go to those countries with the highest productivity – those with the workers who can produce the most per dollar of cost. We have all heard the imperative, «Do more with less!» “, writes Susan Underhill, Vice President of HP Global Certification & Partner Education.

Offshoring undermines job security but not motivation

One in five UK employees feels insecure in their job because of the risk it will be ‘offshored’ to a low-cost country such as India or China, while two in five say that they feel less secure in their jobs than they did three years ago, according to new research from consultants Watson Wyatt.

North American Development Outsourcing and Off Shoring Increase Dramatically

The face of North American development continues to change rapidly, according to Evans Data’s Spring 2006 North American Development Survey. This is evidenced by an 18% increase in the use of contractors and a 25% increase in overall outsourcing. Outsourcing by the corporate enterprise segment, which accounted for 57% of the development effort, increased by 37%. Off shoring played a major role with over 37% of North American companies sending development off shore, representing a 20% increase from the prior study.

VoIP benefits & Myths

Silicon.com issued recently a report on “Business VoIP – Myths Exposed and a Checklist for Vendors”.
This paper looks at how Business VoIP should be deployed, its key benefits, and the questions you should ask any vendor before signing. To download this white paper click here.

Offshoring: an unstoppable force

Speaking at the Government UK IT summit in London, Richard Granger, the director general for NHS IT described offshoring as an «unstoppable force».

‘Offshoring the offshorers’

“Some of India’s offshoring giants are offshoring themselves, fueling the next round, and U.S. firms are joining in”, says Kerry A. Dolan, in Forbes.com. What do you think of that?

Potential for high-end offshoring in Russia says UBS

Analysts at UBS say that Russia has significant potential for high-end offshoring, while Poland has growth prospects in the BPO market, writes NewRating.

What do you have to say about…

“IT pros have to live segmented lives. As business people, they need to accept offshoring. It’s a viable business strategy, and opposing it makes as much sense as being categorically against just-in-time inventory” writes Chris Murphy. Do you agree with him?